Dwarf Fortress — Quantum Stockpiles Made Easy Tutorial


Each Quantum Stockpile (QS) requires 1 minecart. If it’s for heavy material (like stone), you want several wheelbarrows for each QS. Make sure at least one dwarf has the mechanic labor enabled, so he can build the track.

Heavy and Light stockpiles

Dwarves move heavy resources like stone and furniture at a slower speed. Wheelbarrows fix this by carrying items at full speed.

Heavy Stone Quantum Stockpile

Lightweight Gem Quantum Stockpile

This time we don’t require wheelbarrows.

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JavaScript Inheritance in ES5 verses ES6

New class keyword

The new keyword class is syntactic sugar. Inheritance in ES6 continues to act the same as ES5.


class keyword (mozilla.org)


classical inheritance (mozilla.org) using Object.create()

See also: new operator

Dwarf Fortress script saves addon defaults for a new Fortress


This will let you setup several mods with default settings when you create a new fortress.

If you’re using the Dwarf Fortress Lazy Newb Pack, create a new text file named initworld.init and place it in the same directory as PyLNP_dfhack_onLoad.init

After creating your new game, in the DFHack console type:

file: initworld.init