• Viewing Default Settings in VS Code
    Where is the default settings.json or keybindings.json ? There isn’t one, because it’s dynamically generated. When you run run the ‘default settings’ command, it builds a new one — this means it’s always up to date. It includes settings from all enabled addons. Command Palette: The Only Hotkey You Need to Remember. Can’t remember what […]
  • Experiments of 2022-04
    FdFind, Ansi Colors with Group-Object Using wt‘s Parameters Nested Formatting in Powershell CLI bat to preview results Regex Lazy vs Greedy Expressions Using CSS Selectors Autocomplete changes based on the first Argument Parsing Stdout Whitespace Using Format-ControlChar Grouping On Errors Type Resolution Is Scoped
  • How Do I Get Started with Power Apps? With Cheat Sheets
    The Documentation Is Great Check out the examples for Filter , you can experiment without configuring a data source Top Level, New To Apps entry point: Sample Data Without a Data Source – Declaring Inline Tables Step1: Choose Insert -> Button. Step2: Set the button’s OnSelect property to this. Step3: Alt left click the […]
  • Experiments / Answers of 2022-02
    File Selection CLI Revisiting BASH See more Detect Valid Values for gh –json — then Fzf filter them PowerApps: Visualize filter in Queries Is there a way to add columns Programically to many queries? Labeled Summary of all queries VS Code Syntax Highlighting when $null + 3 + 3 = 12 Random Power Query Power […]
  • Experiments of 2021-10
    Experiments: DAX, Pwsh, VS Code
  • Run DAX in Your Browser: has a DAX Web App | What’s New
    Dax Web App ( From )
  • Word Wrapping Text in Power Query
    Word wrapping text using List.Accumulate and Occurrence.LastPower BI
  • Power Query Custom Functions – Cheat Sheet
    Declaring optional parameters in custom functions, combine multiple Web.Contents queries, without refresh errors. Using Html.Table with custom CSS Selectors
  • Big List of Cheat sheets and References
    Web Technologies, Specs, Programming, and Configuration
  • Creating a Discord Webhook in a few lines of PowerShell
    Discord Web Hooks are easier than you’d think. It uses a regular `HTTP` web request . Step1: Creating your webhook url Go to: Server Settings -> Integrations -> View WebhooksThen click create webhook. Step2: Invoke-RestMethod Success! Docs There are optional webhook arguments to customize the output: Comparison with curl I tried making curl easier […]
  • Improving ‘diff’ readability on Windows | Tip
    The output of diff -q path1 path2 is pretty verbose. This function Converts full paths to relative Differences are red. Missing ‘diff’ ? If git is installed, you may need to update your %PATH% environment variable. Stand-Alone function Compare-Directory This is an isolated version of <a href="">Ninmonkey.Console: Compare-Directory</a> . I removed all dependencies except coloring […]
  • Easy way to cache results on the Command Line | Power Shell Tip
    Sometimes you’ll need to run a command with the same input with different logic. This can be a hassle using a slow command like Get-ADUser or Get-ChildItem on a lot of files like ~ (Home) with -Depth / -Recurse PowerShell 7.0+ Powershell 7 added the Ternary Operator, and several operators for handling $null values. All […]
  • Web.Contents: Using Dynamic and Duplicate key names in a Query
    Power BI Discord asked the question:> How do you use duplicate keys, and dynamic urls with <a href="">Web.Contents</a> ? (They were using a web API that required duplicate keys) After I wrote this, Chris Webb found an easier solution. Requirements You can’t use a regular record because keys must be distinct. Query = [ Key1 […]
  • Preserving Types When using “Add Custom Column” in Power Query
    Why doesn’t the original [Num] * 2 work? Powerquery does not know what type will be returned by your function. That’s because each is by definition a function that returns type any See More see the each expression in the Lexical Grammar Docs on Power Query each functions
  • PowerShell : Prefixing lines with the Pipe operator |
    It’s cleaner to read, and makes it easier to insert, delete, or toggle comments on the console.
  • Reusable Calculated Properties in PowerShell
    The function Label is from the module:
  • Which Power Query Functions exist in Power BI but not Excel?
    The final number of missing identifiers* Generating the list using #shared To get a list of all identifiers (functions, variables, constants) I use the variable named #shared . Create a new blank query, then paste this I copy using Copy Entire List, then storing the results into a PowerShell variable. I Repeat the same with […]
  • Generating Random Numbers in SQL
    To generate random integers from min to max, including min and max Example: To create a random integer between 5 and 10
  • Learning PowerShell
    Getting started with PowerShell Main Language Keywords and Grammar including control flow about Operators Flow Control about_ScriptBlocks (anonymous functions) Grammar switch statements functions Important Topics, Language quirks For( ;; ) vs ForEach vs ForEach-Object about_ForEach ( control loop) about_For ( control loop) ForEach-Object ( Note: this is a command, not a control loop ) It’s […]
  • Using Case-Sensitive Regular expressions in PowerShell – Tips
    Searching for Parameters using case-insensitive regular expressions