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Easy way to cache results on the Command Line | Power Shell Tip

Sometimes you’ll need to run a command with the same input with different logic.
This can be a hassle using a slow command like Get-ADUser or Get-ChildItem on a lot of files like ~ (Home) with -Depth / -Recurse

ls ~ -Depth 4 | Format-Table Name

PowerShell 7.0+

Powershell 7 added the Ternary Operator, and several operators for handling $null values.

All of these examples will only run Get-ChildItem the first time. Any future calls are cached.

Null-Coalesce ??= Assignment Operator

This is my favorite on the Command line. The RHS (Right Hand Side) skips evaluation if the left side is not $null

$AllFiles ??= ls ~ -Depth 4

Using the Null-Coalesce ?? Operator

$AllFiles = $AllFiles ?? ( ls ~ -Depth 4  )

Ternary Operator ? whenTrue : WhenFalse

$allFiles = $allFiles ? $allFiles : ( ls ~ -Depth 4 )

Windows PowerShell and Powershell < 7

Windows Powershell can achieve the same effect with an if statement

if(! $AllFiles) { $AllFiles = ls ~ -Depth 4 }
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Learning PowerShell

Getting started with PowerShell



Important Topics, Language quirks

For( ;; ) vs ForEach vs ForEach-Object

It’s first argument is a ScriptBlock so it appears like a control loop.

Notice return verses break in ForEach-Object . Remember that the { ... stuff ... } in this case is an anonymous function , not a language control statement
It is a parameter to the ForEach-Object . When not specified, it’s the -Process Parameter

Flow Control with language Keywords

Attributes for validation

Best Practices


Power BI Power Query Reference

Resources to learn Power Query


Ben Gribaudo dives into Power Query topic by topic

Part 1: Introduction to let expressions
Part 3: Using and writing Functions
Part 8: Time: date, time, datetime, datetimezone and duration
Part 11-13: Tables
Part 15: Error handling
Part 16: Power Query primative types
Part 17: Facets
Part 18: Custom types

Chris Webb’s blog:
Another high quality resource.
How to use Web API’s through Web.Content‘s Query and RelativePath parameters
He knew how to fix Web.Contents() refresh errors all the way back in 2016!



VS Code extension: Power Query

If you use the advanced editor check this out.
It supports autocomplete Tool tips display optional parameters.

VS Code extension: Power Query uses PowerQuery-Parser and PowerQuery-Formatter

Query Diagnostics

Query Diagnostics in Power BI


You can copy -> paste multiple queries into a new Power BI Report (notice it included a required referenced query ListAsText even though I didn’t select it.
You can copy -> paste multiple queries into at text editor