VS Code

Detecting Hotkeys

VS Code will detect hotkeys for you, and generate the syntax for your config files.
If you don’t know a command name, you can use the hotkey to look it up.

Using Snippets

Command Palette


The command palette is used for everything. It searches all commands and hotkeys.

Do you want to change the current language but you don’t know the hotkey? Just type “format”
Compare files with another file, your clipboard, or compare the saved version

View and edit hotkeys

select “Open Keyboard Shortcuts” for a UI
If you don’t know a key name, the record button will detect it for you.
You can search for an exact match using quotes: "ctrl+p"
Or search for any hotkeys that contain ctrl and p .

Change encodings

You can open or save using a new encoding

. UTF8 is very common.

When .net and .net core say “Unicode” they meanUTF-16-LE

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